Monday, February 14, 2011


But it's salty (...not at all my usual choice...)

Was your partner the one you had in mind?

I don't want to try one (...these are what I'm after...)

Did you have a check-list of what you wanted your partner to be?

Oh alright one bite wouldn't hurt (...I'm not sure what to expect but if I don't give it a go, I guess I'll never know...)

Did you nearly not have that first date?

Hmmm ('s different & wasn't as bad as I'd first thought...)

Was the date what you had imagined it to be?

Ok I'll have another bite ( be sure, to be sure...)

And were there many more dates after that?

The salty with the sweet (...not a case of opposites attracting but perhaps a mere balance of extremes & compensating for what the other is not......)

How different or similar are you & your partner?

Can I have another bite?? (...a canvas of sweetness with joyous elements of salty surprise & the journey of experiencing a heightened depth of flavour that is unattainable without the other.....)

Can you now imagine your life without them?

And another bite??? (...leaves me wanting for more & wonder what I would have missed out on if I hadn't taken that first bite...)   

Velvet Caramel Macarons: cocoa flavoured macaron shells filled with salted caramel

Happy Valentine's Day! (...13 years & counting...)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Sugar paste figurine cupcake toppers of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs
(double the figurines for double the fun!)

Want to know what fortune is in store for you in the Chinese Year of the Rabbit? Just locate your year of birth to find out which Chinese zodiac sign you are to discover what lies ahead....

The Rat
Those born  in 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008
You are  imaginative, charming, truly generous to the people you love & is somewhat of an opportunist, with a tendency to be quick-tempered & overly critical

Forecast for 2011: Last year there were a lot of changes & the pace was fast - not something the Rat is entirely comfortable with. The Year of the Rabbit is the opposite – its tempo will be slow & steady. You must try to be patient & remain content with steady progress throughout 2011. Work will again be highlighted but this time the Rat’s experience & knowledge will be called upon, helping you to advance quite nicely in your career. An important aspect of 2011 for the Rat is time for personal growth, hobbies & developing skills that bring happiness. 

The Ox
Those born in 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009
You are sturdy, quiet, studious, conservative, methodical & no-nonsense, a born leader who inspires confidence to those around you, with a fierce temper when agitated

Forecast for 2011: The Ox will have grown quite a bit during 2010. Its whirlwind moments & sudden challenges meant the Ox had to adjust their thinking & change direction on a dime! Some may feel a bit low about the way things went & it’s important to look forward to 2011 & put 2010 firmly behind you. The Year of the Rabbit will be encouraging for the Ox. Romance is highlighted in a very special way this year, with unattached Oxen finding themselves in exactly the right place at the right time to meet someone very special, &  for those in a relationship, this will strengthen & grow. Whether the Ox is looking for new friends or drawing on friendships they already have,  it is important that you stay socially active. Rest & relaxation will be vital for all Oxen during the Year of the Rabbit.

The Tiger
Those born in 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010
You are sensitive, emotional, magnetic, passionate & capable of great love , with a tendency to get carried away &  being stubborn about what you think is right

Forecast for 2011: Most Tigers will be feeling quite pleased & energized at the end of their own year in 2010. The Year of the Rabbit will be another positive year. Romantic matters are particularly to the forefront, with many born under this sign deciding to get married or to take the relationship to the next level. Financially, the Tiger will most likely see an increase in income, either due to a pay rise or an unexpected windfall. With careful planning & budgeting, you can enjoy this monetary increase whilst easing financial burdens. Hobbies & outdoor pursuits will also interest the Tiger this year & will provide relaxation & a social setting, both of which will suit you just fine!

The Rabbit
Those born in 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011
You are mysterious, kind ,obliging, warm, affectionate & always pleasant, with a tendency to get too sentimental  & misunderstood to be superficial

Forecast for 2011: The Rabbit will have found the momentum during 2010 quite unsettling, little realizing that your accomplishments during the year will set you up beautifully for your own year in 2011. This will be a stunning & most favorable year, especially in work & career. Your ability to interact with others will put you in the lead for any promotions at work. In addition, if the Rabbit is considering a completely different career, this is the perfect time to explore your options. Finances during the Rabbit’s own year are buzzing, with your luck running high! Stress & worry over decisions may drain your vitality during 2011 so it’s very important to get enough rest & relaxation. 

The Dragon
Those born in 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000
You are assertive, intelligent, gifted, energetic & a perfectionist, with a tendency to be condescending & tactless without realizing it

Forecast for 2011: The Year of the Rabbit will be a more balanced & secure year. Many of you will have had changes in your job & the steadier tempo of 2011 will help you to settle in & possibly even go for promotions. The opportunity to retrain or take night classes should be considered seriously. The foundations you now lay will greatly enhance your prospects in 2012 – your own year. Romance is beautifully starred with opportunities to meet new people all through the year. On the whole, this will be a positive & happy year for Dragons. The monetary situation will improve for most & your eye for a bargain will be particularly keen. Travel is also highlighted during the Rabbit year & time spent with friends & loved ones will be especially valued. Hobbies & talents should be pursued & enjoyed as they will provide great pleasure & relaxation during 2011 & could lead to other interesting opportunities.

The Snake
Those born in 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001
You are intelligent, highly intuitive, rich in wisdom, charming & a romantic, with a tendency to procrastinate & have a stingy attitude towards money

Forecast for 2011: Snakes like to have plans & follow their itinerary in an orderly fashion – 2010 threw all this out the window! The Year of the Rabbit will be a much more appealing year to the Snake & you will feel back on track, albeit still busy & full of activity. The focus of 2011 for the Snake will be to make sure you do something that you like, something that allows you to express your creativity & talents & something that you excel at. Financially, things are looking much brighter for the Snake & with planning & saving, this will be an excellent year. Home decorating & refurbishments are highlighted this year & time at home with family & friends will be treasured. Romance & friendship will be superb in 2011. A word of warning for all Snakes – there is the possibility of a lapse in judgement or a piece of harmful gossip – this could lead to awkwardness so tread carefully! Healthwise, Snakes should take care to have a balanced lifestyle or your energy could suffer.

The Horse
Those born in 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002
You are fun, charming, attractive, intelligent, independent, friendly & have an amazing capacity for hard work, with a tendency of selfishness, egotistical, hotheadedness & impatience

Forecast for 2011: The spotlight will have been on the Horse for much of 2010 with you sparkling company & friendship being frequently in demand. In 2011, the focus for the Horse will be on their career, with unexpected developments & promotional opportunities on the cards. You should watch events carefully, for when an opening occurs you will need to act fast & be alert. Health & well-being will be on the minds of many Horses in the Year of the Rabbit & it’s a perfect time to re-think fitness routines & diet. Socially, as always, you will be busy. The Horse is an adventurous soul by nature & may do some travelling to far-flung places in the Year of Rabbit. Financially there is a definite chance for the Horse to increase their earnings over the year so make every effort to manage your money carefully. 

The Sheep
Those born in 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003
You are elegant, talented, imaginative, artistic, optimistic, kind & easy going, with a tendency of petulance & discontentment

Forecast for 2011: The Year of the Rabbit starts off brilliantly for those seeking employment or wanting a career change. By networking & keeping your ear to the ground, some exciting possibilities will come up. The past couple of years have been challenging for the Sheep & 2011 will be much more upbeat, positive & happy. There will be many chances over the year to make new friends & attend social outings – just what the Sheep needs. The support & friendship of others will be very important to you this year & give you the encouragement & confidence you need. You must look after your own health this year, ensuring that you are getting enough rest & relaxation. It’s going to be a busy year, in the nicest possible way, but it could also be a bit draining on your vitality. Financially, things are looking much brighter than in previous years with many will have fun buying bits & pieces for their home or taking short trips. 

The Monkey
Those born in 1920, 1932, 1944, 1952, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004
You are playful, lively, fun, quick thinking, very intelligent & because of your extraordinary nature, wonderful sense of humour & magnetic personality you are always well-liked, with a tendency to be vain, offhand & bored very easily

Forecast for 2011: The Monkey will find 2011 very much to their liking with plans & goals moving ahead smoothly & as anticipated. For Monkeys involved in creative work such as writing or art, this will be a particularly inspirational year & their work will be highly regarded. The Rabbit Year will offer some brilliant promotion opportunities & by being proactive & alert, the Monkey will reap the benefits. For those seeking work, attention to detail when applying for jobs will open up significant windows of opportunity. Friends & family will provide many happy & memorable occasions during 2011 & there may be one or two special celebrations. The Year of the Rabbit would be an auspicious year for you to follow up on self improvement ideas you may have been considering for awhile. A fresh look at your fitness routine, diet & how you unwind, could do you the world of good. 2011 will be the year for the Monkey to move forward, leaving any disappointments & regrets behind. It can be a most satisfying & enjoyable year.

The Rooster
Those born in 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993,2005
You are hardworking, popular, loyal, extravagant & creative, with a tendency of being shrewd & to be boastful to others

Forecast for 2011: The Year of the Rabbit will be a much quieter year than 2010 for the Rooster. However, the Rooster will have to curb their natural exuberance & enthusiasm just a bit in 2011 & practice some patience & common sense. On the work front, it will be vital for the Rooster to work closely with their colleagues & practice their networking skills. All the work you do now on the career front will pay dividends in 2012, the Chinese Year of the Dragon. The Rooster should also consider any opportunities they may have to study or for training. On the social & romantic side of life, this will be a much more settled and quiet year, which will be to many a Rooster’s liking. A word of warning though – the Rooster must take care to temper their words with friends & not be too harsh as a quarrel or end of a close relationship could result. Financially, the Rooster may have a few home-related expenses this year with repairs, decorating & renovations. It would be wise to manage any project sensibly & shop around for the best deal. On the whole, 2011 looks like being a pleasurable & encouraging year for all Roosters.

The Dog
Those born in 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006
You are honest, faithful, trustworthy, a perfectionist, intuitive & a fantastic listener , with a tendency of being anti-social, plagued by constant worry, pessimistic, stubborn, having a sharp tongue & being a fault finder

Forecast for 2011: The Year of the Rabbit has shining possibilities for all Dogs. The main emphasis will be on your personal life. If attached, the Dog will find their relationship grow & become much more meaningful on all levels. Single Dogs will be particularly lucky in finding someone very special. Career-wise, the Dog will see the jobs expanding or promotional opportunities arising unexpectedly. It is crucial you discuss any worries or ideas with friends & family. Increased confidence & self-respect will garner the respect of work colleagues. Seize the moment when it presents itself! Financially, the Dog can look forward to an improvement in their situation. This will allow you to indulge in hobbies & perhaps take a trip or two. In the Year of the Rabbit, the Dogs must guard against lost, delayed or incorrect documentation. Make doubly sure that everything is as it should be on all paperwork this year. The Dog will have a renewed interest in health, fitness & outdoor pursuits this year, which will greatly benefit their vitality & zest for life. If you can leave the past couple of challenging years behind you, 2011 will be a most gratifying & happy year. 

The Pig
Those born in 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007
You are innocent, sweet, highly intelligent, sincere, tolerant, honest & a splendid companion, with a tendency of being quite melancholy & over-sensitive

Forecast for 2011: The Pig loves to have fun & socialize with family & friends & on this front, the Year of the Rabbit will not disappoint you! In 2011 your social network will greatly increase. The Pig parties hard & works hard & in the Year of the Rabbit will be bringing in the rewards for all their hard work. For any Pigs who wish to change jobs or who want to climb up the promotional ladder, there will be quite a few opportunities this year to do either. But they must act quickly, ensuring they have made all the right enquiries & connections. The Pig will be feeling good in 2011 & would like all manner of wonderful things to happen – all at once! You must learn to pace yourself & go along with the more leisurely speed of the Rabbit year, otherwise you may burn yourself out. Overall, 2011 will be a progressive & enjoyable time for all Pigs.

From the Gang at Sweet.Petite.Treats
Wishing You All Great Health, Luck & Happiness in the Year of the Rabbit
喜恭! 喜恭!

(To discover more about Chinese Astrology & for a more in-depth forecast in the Year of the Rabbit you can click here).

Sunday, January 30, 2011


A week before Christmas Brother Petite from Hong Kong sends me a text saying he'll be in town, returning to Sydney for a quick visit.

Due to residing & working in different parts of the world it would be at least 5 years since I've seen him. So with a special siblings reunion, a special feast was needed & Billy Kwong was highly recommended by my other Brother Petite to be the place where this family reunion should take place.


Billy Kwong is a no-bookings restaurant except for one table to seat 6-8 people & can be booked at 6pm or 8:30pm with the 6pm booking to vacate the table by 8:30pm (if you want to secure yourself a table I recommend arriving at the door early!)

My Mother is a great cook being the eldest daughter of 9 children helping to raise & cook for her siblings at a very young age & my Grandmother is a greater cook from where my Mother's culinary skills were learnt so my palate is quite stubborn having set ideals & expectations of Chinese cuisine.

When it comes to food (especially Chinese food) I'm a creature of habit tending to stick to certain Chinese eateries where I know my taste buds will approve & seldom venture into the unknown.

But with "Just like Mum's cooking..." I was sold!

Christmas macarons for the family (through a mutual acquaintance a bag of sweet treats even made it's way to Kylie Kwong who on the night was also at the restaurant having Christmas Eve dinner!)

One look at the menu proves Kylie Kwong's firm belief & passionate advocacy of sustainability & ethical eating. Her commitment to the environment was recognized when Billy Kwong became the first climate friendly restaurant in the state of New South Wales.

We started the night with Rice Noodles filled with Biodynamic Beef Brisket & Black Bean Sauce, Steamed Prawn Wontons with Organic Brown Rice Vinegar Dressing and Homestyle Fried Biodynamic Eggs with Organic Tamari & Homemade XO. 

Rice Noodles filled with Biodynamic Beef Brisket & Black Bean Sauce

Familiar with thick, saucy beef brisket dishes accompanied with rice or noodles served as a main, I was curious by this cut of meat offered as an entree. 

The beef brisket served in a roll with a drizzle of thin sauce
was surprising lite fit for an entree.
The meat was so soft & tender it just melted in the mouth! 

Sister-in-law Petite had a little craving for wontons. To my knowledge it was an undecided order so when a plate of steamed wontons made its way to our table, it came as a pleasant surprise.

Steamed Prawn Wontons with Organic Brown Rice Vinegar Dressing 

Having sampled many & enjoy making wontons aplenty, my taste buds were in shock by the depth of flavour of these "Chinese gold nuggets"! The flavour of the prawns were so intense my head was in over-drive trying to work out what was that something my mouth can taste but my head just can't place.

...Was it roe?!?...Was it prawn roe?!? Whatever it was, it was a flavour I will always remember, look forward to once again taste & would loveeeee to recreate!

Brother Petite from Hong Kong trying to figure out for me what was that
"something" in the dumpling having taken a bite! 

The last of our entrees was a request by me having seen Kylie Kwong cooking the dish on Kylie Kwong My China where she rediscovers her Chinese heritage travelling to different parts of China sampling regional produce & cooking with an array of Chinese locals.

Homestyle Fried Biodynamic Eggs with Organic Tamari & Homemade XO 

Not one to underestimate the humble egg, it's certainly a test of ones & a test which can also determine ones culinary skills. I once heard a story of how chefs in Hong Kong on applying for a job when asked to demonstrate their cooking skills, were only asked to cook eggs from which the employer would then decide whether or not that chef was worthy of employment! 

Whether fried, steamed, boiled, scrambled or poached for me the holy grail of cooking eggs is the element of soft, smooth silkiness. We can all cook eggs but can we cook it well.

Another curiosity needed to be satisfied with this dish was the use of XO sauce, a spicy sauce commonly used for seafood.

XO sauce was developed in Hong Kong in the 1980s for Cantonese cuisine. Traditionally a prestigious concoction of the finest ingredients of dried scallops & shrimps, salted cured fish & parma ham cooked with chilli, onion, garlic & oil, was found only at top seafood restaurants.

The name XO comes from "fine XO" meaning extra-old cognac considered affordable only by the wealthy. Thus the term XO is used to denote high quality, luxury & prestige. Since then more affordable versions have been developed available as a pre-made sauce found on grocery store shelves for the common household. 

The eggs were cooked to perfection with the outer edges crispy & aromatic, the eggs were smooth & silky and the yolk was just right considered by some a sauce itself soaked up by & eaten with rice 

Kylie Kwong was messing with my head as the dish was registering as seafood but knowing quite well it wasn't! The XO was mellowed from what traditionally would be quite a hot & spicy sauce, and if intentional, is understandable so as not to overpower the eggs.

With this introduction to Billy Kwong our entrees were subsequently followed by White-Cooked Free-range Chicken with Organic Tamari, Chilli & Coriander, Stir-Fried Local Mushrooms, Stir-Fried Mussels with Chinese Celery & Sichuan Chilli, and Billy Kwong's signature dish Crispy Duck with Seasonal Mandarin.  

White-Cooked Free-Range Chicken
with Organic Tamari, Chilli & Coriander 
My other Brother Petite is a lover of chicken & for him having eaten this dish before, it was a must to order!

White-Cooked is a gentle poaching & steeping techinque used for cooking chicken that allows for the preservation of the chicken's flavour with the aim of achieving a moist, silky & tender flesh. Chicken cooked this way is commonly accompanied with finely grated ginger & spring onion sauce.

At first glance of the dish one can easy mistaken what lies beneath the aromatic herbs is fish. The presentation of the dish was so similar to the presentation of a steamed whole fish served at Chinese seafood restaurants that once again Kylie Kwong was messing with my head!

The chicken pieces were moist & tender, and accompanied with sauce & herbs commonly used with steamed fish was certainly another eye-opener.

Stir-Fry locally grown Oyster, Simejii,
Shitake & Swiss Brown Mushrooms 

The stir-fry local mushrooms was another dish Brother Petite have had before & thoroughly enjoyed so again was a must to order. This dish was popular amongst the table & went down like a treat having realized we're such a bunch of carnivores!

Billy Kwong's signature dish Crispy Duck with Seasonal Mandarin

The cripsy duck was a dish highly recommended by one of Mr Petite's colleagues who had dined at Billy Kwong & said the dish was " die for..." so was another must to order!

The colours of the dish was aesthetically pleasing, the combination of duck with a citrus was certainly refreshing & the presentation of the star anise & sticks of cinnamon made it that much more exotic. But a whiff of the dish when placed on the table saw it not as warmly received.

Likened to when fish has a fishy smell so pepper & ginger is added to rid of this unpleasant smell, when lamb has a lamby smell so pepper & garlic is added to rid of this unpleasant smell, the duck can also have a duck smell.

Brother Petite from Hong Kong was the first to voice this concern. With this unpleasant observation confirmed we were all quite hesitant to take the plunge. And finally Brother Petite from Hong Kong takes the first step & bites into a piece of duck ,with all of us waiting in anticipation, reports despite the strong unpleasant duck smell surprisingly there was no strong unpleasant duck taste!

And as our friendly & attentive wait person discovered this was a night celebrating a family reunion, he offered to do this...

(a night & family feast to remember!)

So was it "Just Like Mum's cooking..."?

Answer: No

Did my taste buds approve?

Answer: They certainly did!

Chinese cuisine with an unexpected twist equally enjoyed by the Traditionalist as well as the Modernist.       

Billy Kwong
Shop 3, 355 Crown Street Surry Hills

Tell me Dear Readers where would you consider to be THE place for a special family feast? 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Wishing everyone a wonderful day!

For me, like the age old questions "Macarons or Macaroons"? & "What comes first the chicken or the egg"?...

How will you be celebrating this national day?

...the question "Do you consider yourself Australian-Chinese or Chinese-Australian"? every now & then unexpectedly resurfaces.

Spending today doing the things you love or
catching-up with family & friends?

While some may choose to convince, argue, debate or discuss...

Hazelnut Coffee Macarons: hazelnut macaron shells
filled with coffee buttercream

...I just choose to sit back, relax & enjoy the best of both worlds.

Happy Australia Day!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sweet.Petite.Treats Behind-The-Scenes: A More Fortunate Position To Give

Last Wednesday was not like any other mid week.

As I watched the devastating destruction of towns, homes & lives , I cannot help but question whether I still could go about my normal daily life. And without hesitation what was to be the next "MID WEEK MACARON FIX" was promptly deleted & replaced with a pledge of giving.

In helping the flood victims of Queenland I have pledged that all moneys received from orders for Sweet.Petite.Treats' macaron giftboxes containing 16 macarons valued at $44.80 to the end of this month will ALL BE DONATED to the Queensland Flood Relief Appeal.

Banana & cinnamon flavoured macaron shells &
strawberry flavoured macaron shells

Watching the flood crisis unfolding, initially for me was like watching fictional scenes from a natural disaster movie so remote & surreal. 

Floodwaters rage through the streets of Toowoomba

But as the places & faces became more familiar with each interview, report & story the realism of the destruction sinks in with feelings of disbelief & sadness for those whose lives & homes are lost, & then of thankfulness that I'm so blessed to be in a more fortunate position to give.

People clinging to railings & metal fences

The Commonwealth Bank remains to be the largest single contributor with $1,350,000, Coles, Tabcorp & Xstrata contributed $1 million each, Gerry Harvey in conjunction with Myer added $750,000 to the fund, top tennis players in the Rally for Relief raised more than $1.8 million, the 133 cyclists in the Tour Down Under donated their prize money of $16,000. 

A road damaged by flooding

And as the clean-up & search for the missing continues, assistance & support to the flood victims of Queensland also continues...

Tim Cahill's eBay auction of seats to watch an Everton game from his box reached a bid of $999,999 on Sunday, Powderfinger will release a new single with all profits going to the relief fund, Chefs from Aria, Rockpool, Guillaume, Icebergs & Catalina will join forces in the Rose Bay Relief Appeal charity dinner, Victor Churchill will donate all the takings at its Woollahra shop today & 65,000 volunteers are now registered to help with the recovery efforts in the weeks & months to come.

(From top left & clockwise): Soccer player Tim Cahill, Music band Powderfinger, co-owner Victor Puharich of boutique butcher shop Victor Churchill and co-owner & chef Paul Mcmachon at Catalina Rose Bay

Thousands turn out to volunteer to help clean up the streets of Brisbane

There are now 20 confirmed dead, 16 people missing, 25,000 homes damaged, 5000 businesses hit & 40,000 people displaced.

Sandy Matthews & husband Steve Matthews died
after pushing their children to safety

Whether it be monetary (donations & sales) or non-monetary (volunteering personal time & resources) I believe that every little bit counts. 


No assistance or support is too big or too small!

My pledge is just my way of helping those in need,  & thanking others doing the same with a sweet treat along the way. 

Friday, January 7, 2011


All of our macarons are individually hand-made with Australian grown 
almonds & are 100% gluten free

A week before Christmas Mr Petite & I made a trip to Melbourne to attend a very special birthday. It was a big gathering of family members from different parts of Australia brought together in celebration of Mr Petite's grandmother's 87th birthday.

Wishing grandmother a very Happy Birthday!

It was a joyous evening of delicious food, children playing & familiar faces to once again be acquainted with. And like the invisible forces which attracts children to one another, on this night I found myself drawn unknowingly to other family members who had also developed the love of baking!

Japanese Souffle Cheesecake topped with strawberries
baked by the very talented Jessica (the cake was so soft, light & moist)

Another creation by Jessica: Chocolate mini cupcakes with green mint frosting piped to resemble Christmas trees, beautifully decorated with edible glitter, sugar pearls & sugar paste stars (the frosting was so smooth & combined with the chocolate cake was full of flavour!)

An assortment of Christmas Cookies by Sister-In-Law Petite:
Butter cookies decorated with royal icing
(these were such a hit with the children they went like hotcakes!)

Whilst in Melbourne a "must" on my To-Do list was to visit a cupcake shop where the journey of it's owner from selling her cupcakes at the markets to now having her own shop front for me is simply inspiration.

So with GPS in hand Mr Petite & I ventured out firstly for lunch & a walk, through the busy streets & alley ways lined with eateries in the city of Melbourne. Unaware we were amongst the frenzy of Oprah's Melbourne appearance, the city was adorned with flags welcoming the arrival of this special visitor with many flocking to Federation Square & by mid afternoon a sea of people had gathered to catch a glimpse of the Queen of Talk.

This was as close as we got to Federation Square with people
packed to the brim waiting for Oprah to appear

As time was getting away, we made our way to the cupcake shop located in Hawthorn. We followed the GPS into a little arcade lined with various retail & food shops & entrance to Glenferrie station

Can you spot the cupcake shop?
 Finally we're here!'s Cupcake Central!

I first came across Sheryl's blog mid last year & found her posts documenting her baking journey very positive, encouraging & inspiring. 

Unfortunately by mid afternoon only a few cupcakes were left to choose from  

Guess which cupcake flavour this was!

Cherry Pistachio cupcakes

We ordered their signature Black Velvet, I couldn't go pass Latte being a lover of coffee & the surprise cupcake of the day to my delight was Orange Chocolate.

The shop has three levels: lower ground level is where the baking takes place a very clean & open kitchen, then the shop front level &
a top level where customers can sit & relax

We made our way to the top level where we sat down &
waited for our cupcakes & coffees

And then I spotted "the eggs"

The eggs represents their story & symbolic of Sheryl's belief &
encouragement of "hatching" one's dream 

Our order was brought to us by a friendly staff as we took a little time out for an afternoon sugar & caffeine pick-me up!

Time for cake & coffee!

Which cupcake should I have first?

My favourite on the day was the baby cupcakes.

One of my much loved flavour combinations orange & chocolate

The Latte frosting was very aromatic & flavoursome

Having recently completed a small business course I have been made more aware of the obstacles & challenges faced by small business owners.  Wishing Sheryl the very best with "living the dream"!

So that wraps up our trip to Melbourne: Family, Celebrity & a shop called Cupcake Central.

 Tell me Dear Readers what inspires you?